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Use Your Voice

This year, making your financial contribution could be as easy as saying “Alexa, please send my donation to The Salvation Army!” Thanks to other technologies such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, giving to the Army can be literally a tap, a swipe, or a voice command away.*

Your donation can help people who are too poor to afford an Alexa in their home. Many of the persons helped by the Army are too poor to even afford a home. They live in shelters, rehab centers, halfway houses, and hostels. Others survive the night in cardboard boxes in damp corners of dirty and dangerous streets.

This Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s important for us, who enjoy the luxury of reading this magazine in comfort—either in print or online—to remember these individuals. Because of illness and hardship, lots of them can’t read, can’t hold things in their hands, can’t sit up, or can’t afford a computer or smartphone.

In our next SAconnects magazine, you’ll read the testimonies of people who have used their blessed privilege and social capital to lift downtrodden lives. They do it because they care. Their answers to the question “why?” are so compelling that they will give you chills.

May I tell you something from my heart? The ability to speak is a wonderful honor. I know because, as a child, I had completely lost my capability to do it for several years.

May these stories compel you to use your compassionate voice to speak healing, love, and hope into the lives of people. Please say “yes” to God and boldly proclaim the change you want to see in our world.

I’ll talk to you next time.

*see It’s Kettle Season!

— Warren L. Maye, Editor in Chief

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