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Unsung Words of the Christmas Story – Part 5: Terrified

Microsoft Word - Document1Because the Christmas account is one that is so familiar to us, without realizing it, we tend to gloss over words because they seem to roll off our tongue. What would happen if paused for a moment to reflect on those well- worn and somewhat overlooked words and phrases?



“An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and they were terrified.” Luke 2:9


Have you ever been terrified? Not the kind that is manufactured by a scary movie, but real-life frightened. Hollywood prepares you with pulsating music and dark shadows. In fact, you go into the theater well aware you have paid for the chance to be jolted by frightening scenes.


Real-life terror doesn’t prepare you. When you least expect it, life is turned upside down and there is a period of time when your equilibrium is thrown completely off kilter. Your blood rushes along with your mind and you are momentarily paralyzed.


The shepherds in the Christmas account were going about their business of tending to their flocks and were probably settling in for a night’s rest when their lives were turned upside down! One wonders if they initially thought the world was coming to an end. Well….it did as they knew it. Hearing the angels’ message and seeking to find the baby so impacted them they were never the same. This moment in time was life-altering. The initial response was frightening, petrifying, menacing fear. When the paralyzing moment ended they were drawn to investigate what they had just been told.

Working through one’s fear can be life-changing.



Lord, help me view every worrisome thought or alarming incident in this day as an agent of change that can be used by You for Your glory. Amen.


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