Unbound Live at the OOB Pier

Unbound was pleased to play at the Old Orchard Beach Pier this summer, July 26th–August 1st 2014, as part of the www.knowthesecret.org evangelistic campaign.  Here’s a quote from The Good News, “As strains of the popular Guns ‘N Roses song ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ wafted through the Old Orchard Beach Pier, a huge crowd watched – and danced.  As vacationers listened carefully, they realized that “Unbound,” the group ministering to them, had changed the lyrics to reflect God’s love.”

We had a blast up in Maine!  Not only were we able to play awesome songs from Daft Punk, Coldpay, The Jackson 5 and yes…Frozen, but we redeemed the lyrics!  Listeners were attracted by the tunes, but hopefully walked away with the message of Jesus Christ.

by Doug Berry