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Tragedy in Nepal

In 2013, Jon Avery, divisional youth program specialist for the PENDEL Division, visited Nepal as part of a yearlong ministry trip to 11 countries. In April 2015, Nepal suffered its deadliest earthquake since 1934. 

TragedyinNepalI heard about the earthquake in Nepal during a divisional youth councils meeting in the U.S. At that moment, it was hard for me to process everything. From Facebook, I learned that nine people I knew were actually in the affected area, but only three had checked in to confirm that they were safe. It was a couple of days before I was able to contact anyone there. I was able to contact a worker from the children’s home I had visited in Nepal. Even though she spoke little English, she told me that my friends were okay.

However, the children’s home was destroyed, and many of its residents had to sleep outside. When I had visited the capital city of Kathmandu, I saw the final stages of a 3–story Bible college being built. It’s gone now.

Four major churches in the area were also completely destroyed. The earthquake happened on a Saturday, which, tragically, is the day when people gather to worship in church. Saturday is the only day the government gives the people time off from work. And when those churches came down, many lives were lost.

The death toll in Nepal has been enormous. Recovery will take many years. I pray for the families of people who have lost their lives. I pray that those families will rebuild their churches and continue to gain help and maintain hope. I pray that people who survive will stay healthy from disease. Infection is a great danger after events like these.

I pray that God will allow me to return to Nepal to help however I can.

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