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To the Point Talks | Commissioning


Saturday, June 12, 2021
Each talk is followed by a live Q&A interaction with the speaker(s).


1:30 PM


Racial Justice – What Does It Look Like?

Colonel Janet Munn
Colonel Richard Munn
Envoy Pat Wood
Lt. Colonel Raphael Jackson

What does justice look like? What has it looked like in the past and what should we be moving toward into the future?

This time together will be a discussion about racial justice in the context of history, the church and, more specifically, the Salvation Army.  What is the Lord calling us to – personally and corporately?

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What Does It Mean to be a Disciple?

Speaker:  Major Juanita Stanford
Moderator:  Lt. Colonel Janet Ashcraft

Cultivating a heart for Christ that stands firm in a chaotic world and manifests holiness in the everyday practical expressions of life.

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The Secrets of Becoming a Creative Leader

Speaker:  Phil Cooke, Ph.D.
Moderator: Major James Betts

Creativity is the currency of this generation and yet few leaders are equipped to inspire and lead creative professionals. There is plenty of information available about leadership, but very little on leading creative teams. In this insightful session, Phil Cooke will reveal how creativity can impact ministry and even donor development. To be a leader in today’s digital economy, you need to know how to inspire and motivate creative people. You will walk away with the critical skills that will help you foster a culture that will attract and inspire creative men and women to accomplish amazing things.

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Embodying the Trinity

Speaker: Ronda Atwater
Moderator: Captain Leslie Knaggs

As we are created in God’s likeness, we too operate with mind, body, and soul. Sometimes, though, those three parts of us do not perfectly align, resulting in a lack of peace. So we look to the Holy Trinity – God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – for how to “check our alignment” and remain effective in our daily lives.

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3:30 PM

Burning Bright Without Burning Out: Sustaining Mission Together

Speaker: Dr. Bryan Cook
Q&A Moderator: Major Philip Lloyd

Burnout is an invasive and pervasive enemy that has quenched the flames of passion among salvationists for generations. The prominence of burnout among our ranks threatens our ability to sustain togetherness, and ultimately, detracts and distracts us from fulfilling our mission. However, there are steps we can take together to prevent burnout and offer support to those who are experiencing its negative effects. In this talk, the speaker will present three simple steps to ignite, contain, and nurture the flames of passion without contributing to burnout.

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4:00 PM

Holiness and our Message of Hope

Speaker: Commissioner Mark Tillsley
Q&A Moderator:  Colonel Deslea Maxwell

A surprising truth of holiness is freedom from “handwringing”, but instead we can experience an ever-expanding life of purpose and meaning.

 Romans 6:22-23 (MSG) Romans 6:22 (NRSV)

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4:30 PM

The Power of Holy Sexuality

Speaker: Dr. Bill Ury
Moderator: Lt. Colonel James LaBossiere

This talk will offer a biblical vista and a theological vision for human sexuality that incorporates creation, Incarnation, redemption, and the fullness of the Spirit in our actual lives.  As Salvationists, we seek to discuss this important topic with as broad a view of holy love as possible. That means we will strive to incorporate the message of the Bible regarding what if means to be sexual beings made in the image of a Holy God.

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5:00 PM

Moving Forward into 2021- Discipleship, Evangelism and Community

Speaker:  Captain Jason M. Knaggs
Q&A Moderator: Major Shaun Belanger

A collective sigh could be heard as the clock ticked into 2021.  Now what?  The Pandemic’s affect has been vast and varied.  What have we learned?  What has been good? And how do we move forward to influence, to impact, and to integrate?

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