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These Wonders

The scent of plumeria blossoms perfumes the air as I walk down the path. Camo-colored leaves overhang the path, giving it an almost tunnel-like feel. I step onto the sand and the ocean comes into view. The relentless waves hit the shore – just as they always have – and they always will.

I feel like I’ve been let in on a wonderful secret. I know the One who “created the sea and all that is in it.” (Rev. 10:6) The One who said, “This far you may come and no farther. Here is where your proud waves halt.” (Job 38:11)

I sit on the sand and watch the sun begin to set. The brightness of it causes spots to appear in front of my eyes. The sky changes color, there is a hush, and the sun dips below the horizon. Blue turns to pink and yellow. Clouds reflect the changing colors and paint the sky in subtly shifting hues.

The incessant waves continue to wash onto the shore. I spot a large wave, far from shore and try to follow it all the way in. It curls, it breaks and it blends itself into the wave ahead of it. Together they rush in, overlapping, curling, breaking, separating from and joining with other waves as they race to shore – and then, just as quickly speed back out where they join the vast ocean of waves.

I feel like I’ve been let in on a wonderful secret. I know the One who “created the sea and all that is in it.” (Rev. 10:6)

Some movement captures my eye and I notice a tiny “ghost” crab peek out of its hole. It hesitates and then pops back in. A little farther down the beach, another crab pokes its head out and then cautiously skitters sideways a few steps and waits. Others venture out, but never too far from their holes. They pop in and out all along the shoreline, like a tiny “Whack-A-Mole” game. They scoot as fast as lightning. Their speed, stealth and color (which exactly matches the sand) serve to protect them from prey. Their eyes really do turn 360° around as they cautiously explore their environment – ever vigilant– as they search for food.

The pinks and yellows fade into gray and the last remaining light drains from the sky. I gather a few fallen plumeria blossoms on my way back, wanting to hold onto that sweet scent.

I’m so glad I know the Creator of these wonders.

Lt. Colonel Pat LaBossiere
Secretary for Spiritual Life Development

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