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The Written Word

Prayerfully lead to begin this new initiative, Commissioner Dawn Heatwole launched the facebook page “The Written Word’ on May 29th 2016.

So what is ‘The Written Word?’

The whole point of this group, is to follow a scripture reading plan that gives you daily verses for you to reflect on and gain a new perspective on the word of God.

You do not have to be artistic. You can use whatever version Bible you feel is easiest to help you reflect the scripture in your own drawing/ writing/ mediation.

You don’t need a journal, a spiral notebook or even loose leaf paper in a binder, will work.

“Each day you write out the passage listed. If that’s all you want to do, stop. If you enjoy journaling, use those verses to pray, and then listen to see if God has more for you, or a new thought on the scripture. Then journal what God spoke to you about.”

The group also offers opportunities for you to post questions, or thoughts, or struggles you may have during the process of reading through the scriptures. You are also encouraged to share pictures of what you came up with as a reflection of the daily scripture.

You are welcome to invite yourself to this closed group by going to the link below, where you will also find a downloadable page for this months reading list.

“Enjoy the journey! Let’s anticipate God speaking to each of us through this discipline.”