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The worth of families

A few years ago, Worth magazine did a study on wealthy families in the United States and concluded that something other than money was primarily responsible for making them well–off. Extensive research revealed a surprising pattern; it was actually a family member’s personal dream that had made the difference. Even in the midst of what might have been dire circumstances, the vision of that person had become the family’s “constitution” as each succeeding generation inherited their “mission statement.”

At the heart of that bold dream was the framework of a multigenerational plan. The preservation of financial resources occurred as a consequence of that plan, which included the expansion of their spirits and minds, “the primary wealth of our families,” said the writer.

As a result, the family, its business, and its philanthropic interests grew. The writer said, “Such a plan reveals much broader nuances of meaning to the patterns of life.”

When I read this, I thought, That’s great, but there has to be much more. What about today in the midst of COVID–19 and nationwide social unrest? How easy is it to come up with a family mission statement when the patterns of life have shifted so dramatically?

Loved ones have perished, jobs and homes have been lost, and the value of families has seemingly diminished in the scheme of things. In such an environment, people are tempted to succumb to fear, isolation, and depravity.

So, I think we need to take this “family mission” idea a step further and spiritually deeper. Today more than ever, we’ve got to focus our attention on the will of God, which transcends anything that’s humanly possible. In Him we’ll find those “nuances of meaning.”

How much is your family worth? I hope your answer is, “priceless!”

This Christmas, may we realize that we’ve made it this far because God provided someone who laid a plan for us.

By the way, if you’re struggling in your relationship with them, then let this be your year of extraordinary reconciliation. You too can make a difference for generations to come.

by Warren L. Maye, Editor–in–Chief