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The joy of Christmas comes home

Maria Sanchez sat her four children down and gave them the bad news; their family couldn’t afford any Christmas decorations for their home this year—not even a tree.

“The situation made my children’s faces look very sad,” Sanchez said.

However, Major Israel Acosta, the commanding officer at the Danbury, Conn., Corps, was familiar with their need. Sanchez’s children attend programs at the corps and two of them are junior soldiers. Acosta soon got a call from Home Depot, which donated 10 pre-lit Christmas trees to needy families in Danbury and partnered with The Salvation Army.

Sanchez was thrilled on Dec. 6 when Salvation Army officials showed up at her home with one of the trees.

“She thought she would not be able to have a Christmas tree for her family this year,” Acosta said. “When we made the delivery to her family, she was crying with joy. You could see the smiles on the children’s faces when they received this blessing. Thanks to Home Depot for making these children smile and for making it possible for other families to have a beautiful Christmas tree this year.”

Sanchez said, “This is a beautiful tree. I felt surprised and grateful to God, and to The Salvation Army. It was a great emotion for my children to see that there was a Christmas tree for our family. When we received that blessing, my children forgot about all the problems. They felt like there was hope again. They felt that Christmas was finally here.”

Acosta said the joy of Christmas had come home for the Sanchez family.

“It reminds us that, even though we have had such a difficult year, our God Immanuel has not forgotten us.”

by Robert Mitchell

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