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The Glory Shop | Testimonial | Shante Wong

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Hello! My name is Shante Wong and what better way to describe my experience, than using the title itself: GLORY SHOP
So here we go!

Gifts: I used the Gifts God gave me for theatre, dance, Music, and discovered new ones along the way.

Love: Gods love was evident all year round, and He took me a step further in understanding what it means to Truly love, and how Powerful Gods love is!

Others: I was able to live with others, serve others, relate to others, cry and laugh with others, create with others.

Revival: I was able to experience a deep revival within me, and see revivals in other people’s lives and in the community around me! So beautiful!

Yearning: I grew a deeper yearning for God. One that won’t fade away, and will keep growing stronger. I truly can’t love without Him. And want to live for Him.

Storytelling: Stories are so powerful! Throughout the year, we were able to story tell and convey a message to the people who were watching and listening. I believe God speaks to us each individually, and through the stories we portrayed, God spoke to people and hearts were opened.

Holy Spirit: I grew in discerning the Holy Spirit and His Truth, covering the lies around me, and following Him. I saw the mighty works of the Holy Spirit!

Outstanding: I was able to be a part of outstanding productions, with amazing people, new friendships.Throughout I was able to learn from others and develop my artistic skills.

Prayer: Last but not least, Prayer. It covers it all! I grew deeper into my prayers! And saw God’s mighty hand at work through prayer! In whatever I do, I learned to pray, and see the beauty of it.

So what can you expect from the Glory Shop? Well, each journey is different but if you allow God to work in you and through you, though the journey may be hard, You will experience amazing things and discover gifts you never even knew you had!
The Glory Shop gave me the tools and support I needed to do so.
Start with a leap of faith and God will guide you from there!

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