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The Glory Shop | Testimonial | Scott Martel

The Glory Shop impacted my life by providing a place for me to open up and be myself. I can be a quiet and reserved person but have a love and a joy for performance, these two things don’t always work together. But it’s God who made me and he says who I can be.

Going to the Glory Shop to live closely in community, work hard, and pray often, led to enormous growth in me spiritually as well as personally. So much so that I often reflect on my time spent there and ask “How are my relationships now?” my relationship with Jesus, with the people around me, with my family, and all the various communities to which I belong.

The Glory Shop gave me a baseline of what it means to love God and bring him in to everything I do. To constantly ask the question of “does this honor you?”.

What should people expect if they come to The Glory Shop?

They should expect see the theatre in a way that they never have before. Where your faith and your creativity meet, and grow, alongside others in the process.

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