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The Glory Shop | Testimonial | Denise Allen



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Since The Glory Shop first began, God placed the dream in my heart to be a part of it! Having always believed in the mission of the Salvation Army, with a passion for acting, singing and dancing, as well as being in love with New York City there didn’t seem to be anything more perfect for m

I had just gone through a hard season of disappointments and closed doors when God opened up the perfect one. In January 2019 I jumped on a plane, travelled to New York all the way from Australia  and joined the Hope session of the Glory Shop. Through this experience, Jesus changed my life! While it was a hard and challenging journey at times, it was absolutely amazing. I was stretched and pushed out of my comfort zone and was forced to face the truth about myself—I am uniquely and wonderfully made, loved unconditionally by God and there is a hope for my future. I fell back in love with Jesus and went deeper in my relationship with Him than I had ever been. I experienced emotional healing for my past hurts and even physical healing in my back. I received a joy I had never experienced before and gained a new sense of hope for my life. I got to pray for and minister to people in the local community. I got to be part of a kind, loving church community who immediately became my family. I got to perform, not for my glory but for God’s, and learnt more about how to use the arts to show people Jesus’ love.

Through this incredibly unique experience, I have been reminded that God has a plan and purpose for my life, and I know that He does for you too! If you are ready to fall more in love with Jesus, grow as an artist and a disciple of Christ, then you need to be a part of The Glory Shop. God will make a way!

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