In Focus

The Founders’ vision

“Where there is no vision, the people perish …” 

— Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

Major_Larrinaga_FedericoSalvation Army Founders General William and Catherine Booth took this scripture to heart so many years ago. Their centuries–old vision of a worldwide Salvation Army has stood the test of time. Today, Salvationists are blessed with the privilege of helping and serving people all over the globe.

With this passion and desire at heart, my wife and I were privileged to lead a medical team, which traveled to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, for a week in February. Initially, we believed that we would bless and help the people in need.

When we left San Pedro Sula, however, our hearts were broken and blessed beyond measure because the people we met were a blessing to us. They were ever so grateful for the help we offered them!

Help came in the form of medication, shoes, toiletries, school supplies, vitamins, as well as Bibles. Doctors saw so many people and treated them for their ailments. Folks walked miles to receive these items. Their yearnings to read the Word of our Heavenly Father and find within its pages His promises for them made the trip all the more worth it!

Everyone should have the privilege to be a part of a medical team such as this one.

When you see, as I did, an elderly woman walk miles just to receive a pair of shoes, or see a mother walk through cold, torrential rain so that her child, who shivers with fever, can receive help from a medical team, your life is touched, perhaps even changed.

Catch the vision. Get involved. Help save the people from perishing. For as Proverbs 29:18 continues, “ … but he that keepth the law, happy is he (or she).”

— Major Federico Larrinaga
Hispanic Ministry Director