The First Army On Its Toes Masterclass

An Army On Its Toes

On Saturday November 7th, 2015 the Territorial Arts Ministries Bureau sponsored its first Army On Its Toes: Masterclass; a two hour dance class for advanced dancers, corps dance instructors and Divisional Creative Arts Directors/Assistants.  The goal was to equip, rejuvenate and inspire the dance leaders of USA East.

Held at the Times Square Corps dance studio in New York City, fourteen dancers attended this contemporary workshop lead by TAM’s Kathryn Higgins (Dance Ministries Specialist/Kroc Center Creative Arts Liaison).  The class was a major success with participants hailing from: New Rochelle Corps, CFOT, Astoria, Brooklyn Brownsville, Queens Temple, Hartford Citadel, Times Square Corps and New York Temple.

Students widely commented that their favorite part of class was the combo to The Whisperer by Sia; a secular song by a secular artist but with a hauntingly strong Christian message. The dance was about someone ready to give up and lose all hope when-

Oh liberation

Comes in whatever form to save me

I hit bottom

And then the whisper comes

Your whisper in the breeze

The whisper that I needed


The dancers were asked to comment on the class and what they felt they got out of it –

I learned to be comfortable with myself.”

“I loved the constant encouragement.”

“Very powerful.”

“Technique concerning leaps and turns.”

“Releasing to God.”

“More, more, more please!


The TAM bureau hopes to bring more free Masterclasses like this to the Territory. If you’d like more information about having one in your corps or division, have your Corps Officer contact Kathryn.Higgins@use.salvationarmy.org.