From the Editor

The book of God

“At any price, give me the book of God….”

— John Wesley

A pastor friend told me how, one rainy night, a thief broke into his SUV in search of valuables of any kind. When he saw a Bible on the front passenger seat, he quickly tossed it out a window. It landed under a tree.

He continued to ransack the vehicle until, in frustration and empty handed, he abandoned it.

Apparently, the would–be crook saw the leather–bound book as just one more item to ignore. So busy was he, even a moment was too much time to spend searching through its pages.

According to a recent Barna research survey, such attitudes regarding the Bible are shared by many law–abiding Americans, most of whom live in the northeast United States. 

In our next SAconnects magazine, we’ll explore what The Salvation Army’s USA Eastern Territory is doing to combat the problems of biblical illiteracy and apathy. From the history of Sunday school to the most recent innovations in Christian education for children and adults, we’ll share stories that tell how people are taking a second look at the Good Book and are inspiring more Bible reading in our area.

By the way—the next day, a neighbor found the rain–swollen Word and returned it to the pastor. He quickly opened it to see that his $700 cash was still hidden between the pages!

Money notwithstanding, we invite you to join us as we search for the deeper spiritual value inherent in “the book of God.”

— Warren L. Maye, Editor in Chief