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The best place to be at OOB!

While adult Salvationists participated in worshipful prayer and singing at the Old Orchard Beach (OOB) Pavilion, just a few yards away in the Corps Chapel, children enjoyed their own exciting meetings. They played, did arts & crafts, and meet Bumble, the Abominable Snow Monster.

Majors Jodi E. and Philip A. Lloyd, associate territorial youth secretary and territorial youth secretary, have been hosting the children’s meetings for the past three OOB camp meetings.

“Old Orchard Beach is great for families,” says Major Jodi Lloyd. “When the adults are in meetings or busy with Army duties, the younger crowd can experience Jesus in a fun way and meet other children from Salvationist families.”

Children enjoyed activities according to their age group. The younger kids had engaged in arts & crafts and read Bible stories, while the older ones had sports such as wall climbing.

On Sunday morning, all age groups combined to draw in 250 children. They made new friends and learned more about the Lord.

“Parents tell us that, after their children come [to the children’s meeting], they say they would rather come here than be at the Pier,” said Major Jodi Lloyd.

Major Kim D’Amaro, territorial Christian education director, says that the children’s meetings, along with all the events at OOB, are an incredible ministry opportunity.

“Old Orchard Beach is a homecoming for many of us in The Salvation Army,” said D’Amaro. “We see old friends, make new ones, and worship together as a community.”

by Hugo Bravo

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