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The Advent Wreath – A Family Christmas Project

The word “advent means “arrival”.  The four weeks before Christmas are call the “advent season”, a time when we wait for the arrival of the Baby Jesus.  The advent wreath helps us stay focused on the coming of Jesus, which is what Christmas is all about.

A wreath is used because it is a circle – which has no beginning or end.  This signifies the love of God which  always has been and always will be.  The evergreens symbolize continuous life which is available to us through Jesus Christ.

The four candles help us stay focused on and look forward to the arrival of the Son of God as a Baby into the world that so disparately needs God’s limitless love.  Every Sunday for the four weeks leading up to Christmas a candle is lit as a remembrance of the Savior’s coming.

We’ve created a simple way for families to experience this Advent tradition and keep focus on the “reason for the season.”  There is a simple and cheap craft involved in making your own Advent Wreath and then below is a downloadable booklet that you and your family can use as a guide each week as you light your candles.

We hope that this helps add to your experience this Christmas season.


Needs for the craft:

  • paper plate (either green plate or color a white plate green)
  • tissue paper (green)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • simple tea candles
  • ribbon (purple and pink)


Click here to download the Advent Wreath booklet



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