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The Glory Shop | Testimonial | Elisa Gallardo

Before coming to the Glory shop I had a passion to grow with God but didn’t find the time, space or discipline to do it on my own. The Glory Shop was just what I needed, I didn’t think you could grow in so many areas in such a short amount of time.

In this Journey God has given me a spiritual discipline in prayer, worship, bible reading and discerning what’s Gods voice. All of this whilst having the opportunity to perform, not in the way I thought Performance was, but to perform in such a way that every little part of it honors God.

Also to just Live in New York as a 20 year old from Sweden, this was my first step out of my home. And I grew a lot in getting to know myself and how I work through living in a true community.

I highly recommend you to apply if you feel urged to go. I’m going out of this as a changed person. This experience has led me closer to myself, closer to God and closer to my mission.


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