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Taste and See – Prayer Walk

taste and seeThere are quite a few foods and flavors mentioned in the Scriptures.  From manna in the desert to Jesus saying “I am the bread of life,” eating was not only a significant part of life, but often the Scriptures use food to make a deeper connection.  The meals themselves become metaphors for spiritual fullness, for dependance on God’s provision and even for Jesus’ sacrifice.  Expressions like “Our daily bread” and “salt of the earth” still carry far more meaning than just what is edible.   We’ve developed this Taste & See Prayer Experience to explore some of those flavors and the meaning they’ve carried through the years in various expressions.  While a few of the same items are used in both Taste & See and in a traditional Seder meal, this prayer experience is meant to be different.  You can use Taste & See any time during the year, it’s especially effective after a corporate fast.  It’s our hope and prayer that you enjoy the Taste & See Prayer Experience and we’d love to hear how it went.  Enjoy the flavors of Scripture!

For this experience we are providing the Taste & See booklet (click here to download), which will give history and background to each of the foods you will try during prayer walk.  You can also download (click here to download) the station directive sheets, which will help those going through the experience.

For the full experience you’ll need:

  • honey
  • horseradish
  • figs
  • bread
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • grape juice

To see how we’ve used this prayer walk, check out the photos our SLD Facebook page


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