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TAM team partners with the Greater New York Division for Arts Leadership Training

The TAM team was honored to participate in the annual Divisional Creative Arts Leadership Training for the Greater New York Division on Saturday, February, 27th. The event was hosted at the Port Chester Corps and it was a great day with 97 delegates from across the division.

The day consisted of equipping workshops and united sessions. We started the day with worship and devotions, followed by a united session on “Discipleship through the Arts.” In the afternoon, the following workshops were offered to delegates:
Directing 101
Acting 101
Dance for Beginner Leaders
Dance for Advanced Leaders
Timbrels for Beginner Leaders
Timbrels for Advanced Leaders

The day concluded with a look and celebration of the arts ministry in GNY from the past year, a challenge moving forward, and Corps being recognized for their arts programs.

Thank you Pablo Fernandez and the Greater New York Division for having us! We love the energy and momentum of what is happening in GNY!

If you would like to have the TAM team to your division for an event like this, please contact for booking!

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