Take 5 Bible Reading Challenge and Bible Bowl Kahoot!

We have an exciting announcement!

We are announcing two amazing programs: TAKE 5 BIBLE READING CHALLENGE and BIBLE BOWL KAHOOT!

Starting on April 13, we will be posting daily reminders on social media of our Take 5 reading, which will come from our current Bible Bowl scriptures: Hebrews and 1 & 2 Peter.

In addition, we will also begin promoting BIBLE BOWL KAHOOT – an online quizzing platform where we will host four Bible Bowl “scrimmages.” These will fall on the four Fridays leading up to what would have been the Territorial Bible Bowl weekend: May 1, 8, 15, and 22.

We are incredibly excited for these opportunities and what the Lord has in store!


  1. Beginning MONDAY April 13th, read ONE chapter a day. By the end, you will read ALL of Hebrews and 1st & 2nd Peter!
  2. Finish on SUNDAY May 3rd (21 days later!)
  3. Log on to Kahoot for virtual Bible Bowl fun!

Kahoot Schedule:

ROUND 1: May 1st

ROUND 2: May 8th

ROUND 3: May 15th


Take 5 Reading Challenge Calendars

Download the Take 5 Reading Challenge calendars! Pick your favorite color and print it out!