19 Jul 2021

When Children Can be Children

Like many grade schools, high schools, and colleges, Sunday schools have adapted to significant changes due to COVID–19 restrictions. They have fewer meetings and far shorter time periods than do

16 Jul 2021

Recharging the Soul

Chris Farrand, the Salvation Army’s regional Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) director for Massachusetts and Southern New England, talks about recognizing a sign from God, visiting COVID–19 patients in hotels, and

15 Jul 2021

‘A voice of science and God’s love.’

As COVID–19 vaccines become more accessible to the general public, Salvation Army continues to team up with local health care professionals to get shots into people’s arms and to educate

17 May 2021

What More Can We Do?

Lieutenants Guilbaldo De La Cruz and Yesenia Hernandez, pastors at the Salvation Army’s church in Passaic, N.J., have let the community know that, no matter when they are needed, they

13 May 2021

Closer to Normalcy

Cassidy Bowers, formerly an event and volunteer program manager for The Salvation Army Massachusetts Divisional Headquarters, talks about learning new skills and ways to serve during COVID–19; what it’s like

11 May 2021

The Value of Music

Learning to play an instrument can provide many benefits for students of all ages. Through music, young people can find a way to express themselves and discover untapped talent. It