12 May 2021

New documentary reveals a ‘hidden war’

From 2000–2001, Dimas Salaberrios worked as a crisis intervention counselor at the Salvation Army’s Wayside Home for Girls in Valley Stream, Long Island. His experience there helped show him what

10 May 2021


SAConnects magazine has won six Evangelical Press Association (EPA) awards for the 2020 publishing year. EPA is a professional organization of Christian print and digital publications and the world’s largest

07 May 2021

Unparalleled Times

The U.S. is facing a national homelessness crisis and COVID–19 has delivered its devastating blow. Undaunted, The Salvation Army continues to help people in need, without discrimination. When homelessness looms,

26 Apr 2021

‘Don’t Drop the Mic’ offers sound advice

“Communication, no matter how eloquent or effusive it may be, is incomplete if understanding isn’t achieved,” says Bishop T.D. Jakes, author of a new book entitled Don’t Drop the Mic.

16 Apr 2021

A good day, every day

Five years ago, high school student Ke–Shon Riley became a volunteer at the Salvation Army’s after–school program in York, Pa. That’s because, over time, the program became a home away

09 Apr 2021

Breaking Good: From crystal meth to God’s miracle

“I never realized how it was gonna unfold, but my world then came down to nothing,” said Shelly Lynn Peters. “I thought, If I could go back and do life

02 Apr 2021

“The Girl Who Believes in  Miracles” opens Easter weekend

Miracles happen and right on time. Lawrence Jaffe, a 98–year–old, Jewish, first­–time filmmaker, believes that, when it comes to such signs and wonders, timing is everything. “Well, first of all,

31 Mar 2021

Fighting a war within

Fight is a word Tonzel Prince understands all too well. As a kid living on the mean streets of Hackensack, N.J., during the 1970s; as a young kickboxer who competed

08 Mar 2021

A marriage, a ministry, and a message

Love for God and each other is the priority for Lieutenants Yuco A. and Danielle J. Hall. This newly married couple and leaders of the New York (The Temple) N.Y.,

19 Feb 2021

Commemorating Juneteenth

Juneteenth has been added to the 2021 Territorial Headquarters holiday schedule. This year, leadership will acknowledge this special day on Friday, June 18th. Juneteenth is known as a day which commemorates the

05 Feb 2021

Heritage Museum goes online

To start 2021, The Salvation Army Heritage Museum, located on the first floor of Territorial Headquarters in West Nyack, N.Y., went online. Aficionados of Salvation Army history can now look

27 Jan 2021

Inspired by the fire

Darkness covered the Harlem Temple Corps parking lot one quiet morning at 2:00 A.M. That’s when someone entered it and set a Cadillac Escalade aflame. The fire totally consumed the