12 Aug 2021

Contingency Plan – Pruning & Nurturing Series

While involved in Emergency Disaster Services, I knew of the importance of having a contingency plan, a plan that needs to be revised and updated regularly, a flexible plan, a

05 Aug 2021

Dead Branches – Pruning & Nurturing Series

Since I became a mother in 1997, my time has not been my own. Over the next four years after the birth of my first child, I would have three

29 Jul 2021

A Quiet Center – Pruning & Nurturing Series

Sometimes our lives can feel like we are on a hamster wheel.  We are exerting a lot of energy and yet go nowhere.  That is when the discipline of silence

22 Jul 2021

Entering Upstream – Pruning & Nurturing Series

Leaves are lungs that inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.  They return carbon to the soil and produce sugar to nurture fruit.  Pruning dead and excessive foliage allows more sunlight

15 Jul 2021

Sitting In God’s Presence – Pruning & Nurturing Series

I have to admit that I fell in love with Centering Prayer the first time I tried it.  I think it was the silence…the absence of words, or the need

09 Mar 2021

Spiritual Rhythms Spotlight – Dan & Leann LaBossiere

Maintaining spiritual rhythms when during life’s big changes can be challenging.  Dan and Leann LaBossiere are ministering in a foreign culture and have a newborn.  Now, more than ever, it

02 Mar 2021

Spiritual Rhythms Spotlight: Major Hollie Leonardi

Hollie Leonardi, along with her husband, are the corps officers of a busy bi-lingual corps.  With the many demands in her public ministry, she knows the importance of a spiritual

23 Feb 2021

Spiritual Rhythms Spotlight: Capt. Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is a busy corps officer, husband, father and passionate about reading God’s Word and putting feet to what he has learned through service to others. It’s a balancing

16 Feb 2021

Spiritual Rhythms Spotlight: Romina Morton

Romina Rosamilia-Morton finds clarity in Christ through the practice of fasting and praying.  She shares there are a variety of ways to fast that will help bring you closer to

09 Feb 2021

Spiritual Rhythms Spotlight: Kristina Hevenor

Kristina Hevenor is a wife, mother, working professional, corps lay leader, and a woman fiercely aware of her spiritual health and growth.  She has learned to be flexible and incorporate

26 Jan 2021

Spiritual Rhythms for the Life You Have – Part 3

Part 3 – Engaging Scripture The Spiritual Rhythms for the Life You Have series is an effort to look at our lives and see where we can come up higher

19 Jan 2021

Spiritual Rhythms for the Life You Have – Part 2

What does your prayer life look like?  What does your prayer life look like?  You may be concerned that you are not “doing” your prayer time correctly.  Am I praying