11 Dec 2019

Evangelización desde cualquier perspectiva

SALT siglas en inglés que significan: S STORY [Historia]: Escuche la historia de su vecino, pregúntese: ¿Qué le está pasando? (Sus problemas, preocupaciones, alegrías, penas.) A AFFIRM [ Afirmar]: Reconocer,

12 Oct 2017

SALT & Cultivating Local Leaders

Cultivation is a crucial aspect to leadership development where we share, teach, come alongside our corps members, Soldiers, volunteers and many more who look to us to help them develop

17 Aug 2017

Getting SALTY in Lexington

Is your corps new to S.A.L.T.? What has been your experience of General Cox’s The Whole World Mobilizing mandate? Is evangelism a scary word for some members of your congregation?