24 Dec 2020

It’s Christmastime in the village

Major Jeff Stacy is a pastor, so it’s fitting that the first purchase he ever made for his massive Christmas village display was a beautiful church with a high steeple.

19 Oct 2020

Saving the American Dream

Soon after the COVID-19 shutdown early this spring, members of the Salvation Army’s advisory board in Akron, Ohio, saw the ominous clouds of an economic storm gathering. Many businesses across

11 Sep 2020

A day like any other

The morning of September 11, 2001 began as would any other day for Major Thomas Applin. As the divisional secretary for the Empire State Division, one of his responsibilities was

31 Aug 2020

Stuffing the Bus

COVID-19 has made the start of the 2020-21 school year a strange one. Some kids are returning to their familiar classrooms in person. Others will begin the year virtually. Either

02 Aug 2020

Now, he’s a giver

It’s a sweltering summer day as Envoy Kevin Knappins pulls up to a city park in Sandusky, Ohio. His van is full of food. The people in the park recognize

02 Jul 2020

A new kind of mayor

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes ….”—Romans 1:16. Residents of Ashland, Ohio, are accustomed

19 Jun 2020

A father in the hood

I just want to share something that happened recently. This badly upset me and my wife Christine. It was a cool evening. We were outside doing some gardening. David, my

11 Jun 2020

From anxiety to outrage to hope

A resurgence of the COVID–19 outbreak now would add yet another layer of complexity to an already exploding scenario for 2020. In the midst of massive and global protest in

02 Jun 2020

Going it alone

Ohio is starting to slowly reopen after the COVID–19 outbreak there. Lieutenant Erik Muhs remembers the early days of the pandemic at the Steubenville, Ohio, Corps. He and his wife,

18 May 2020

A COVID–19 groundbreaking

Major Annalise Francis called it a “private groundbreaking.” Only a few invited guests were on hand and, due to COVID-19, most people watched via Facebook as the Ray & Joan

08 May 2020

A cure for boredom

“I’m bored!” No doubt, parents everywhere have heard this refrain from children who are home from school and quarantined during COVID-19. Captain Candice McMillen, known affectionately as “Captain Candi” at

17 Apr 2018

USA East Camps Summer 2021

Apply to a camp in your area for Summer 2021! ¡Solicite un campamento en su área para el verano 2021! The Salvation Army has so many opportunities for you to