18 Jul 2019

Summer reading for you

Can you see yourself sitting on a bench, feeling a cool breeze, while reading some wonderful books with your friend? Enjoy these suggestions from Spiritual Life Development (SLD) and have

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07 Feb 2019

The Heart of Worship

In the role of a pastor, I always felt it was important to let members of the congregation know that, if they were absent from a Sunday worship service, they

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31 Aug 2018


Micah, my grandson, came home with a message from his kindergarten teacher. “Mrs. Dowd wants to know if we want to donate any of my books to the classroom library.”

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01 Jun 2018

Well–Rounded Spiritual Life

Like you, I have pursued spiritual growth with my fair share of peaks, valleys, and plateaus. Life can throw curve balls that may stifle or stimulate soul health. I confess

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01 Mar 2018

The Seven Storey Mountain

An Autobiography of Faith “The very contradictions in my life are in some ways signs of God’s mercy to me.” —Thomas Merton The Seven Storey Mountain is an open and

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01 May 2017

Mystics Get a Bad Rap*

There was a time in my life when my spiritual journey was stuck. My prayers seemed to be hitting the ceiling. Nonetheless, I dutifully went through the spiritual rhythms expected

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02 Mar 2017

Postures In Prayer

A Prayer Experience from Spiritual Life Development “Prayer is far more than words … our bodies can help us engage our total being in fellowship with God.” —Major Lauren Hodgson,

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01 Oct 2016

Take a Prayer Walk to be with God

When I first heard of the concept, I thought, how luxurious it is to stroll with God. But on second thought, perhaps too luxurious? I don’t think I can chisel

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01 Jul 2016

Spreading Prayer at Old Orchard Beach

Feel warm sand between your toes and the sun on your face. Listen to ocean waves break against the shore and smell the sea air. See pier fries “dancing in

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01 Jun 2016

Detoxifying Your Soul

Recycle Your Garbage As we think about the detoxification of our soul—eliminating the impurities—we see much that needs to be thrown away. But don’t throw away the important lessons learned

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01 May 2016

Detoxifying Your soul

Striving for Excellence We often confuse the words excellence and perfection. Striving for excellence is a noble aim, but perfection, as the world describes it—being spotless, faultless, and flawless—is humanly

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01 Apr 2016

Detoxifying Your Soul

Finding a ‘place’ Simplicity is certainly a spiritual discipline that is lacking in this fast–paced, materialistic world. There’s always a lot going on, and many of us seem to be

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