11 Sep 2020

A day like any other

The morning of September 11, 2001 began as would any other day for Major Thomas Applin. As the divisional secretary for the Empire State Division, one of his responsibilities was

10 Sep 2020

America changed that day

Just two weeks before Sept. 11, 2001, our family had been vacationing in downtown Manhattan. We never imagined what would eventually take place right where we stood. It seems like

21 May 2020

A spiritual renaissance

Harlem, N.Y., is famous for its history; the social and cultural renaissance of the late 1930s, its role during the civil rights era, and in recent years, its economic boom

19 May 2020

Spiritual care at a distance

In this current COVID–19 environment, even mega churches have shut their doors and the most devout families are sheltering in place on Sundays. This paradigm shift has been a huge

25 Apr 2020

Finding love, dignity, and respect

Four Chinese students from Ashland University (AU) recently found themselves stranded in the small Ohio community due to the travel restrictions regarding COVID-19. The university has allowed the students to

22 Apr 2020

The Quiet City

Lieutenant Shakai Drigo says it usually takes him an hour to get to his corps in Bushwick, N.Y. from his home on Long Island. That commute has been slashed to

17 Dec 2019

Investing in God: Bob Doll Interview

When Robert Doll was a boy, his grandmother told him about the Salvation Army. She also donated about $25 a year and collected the stamps issued in 1965 by the