02 Aug 2020

Now, he’s a giver

It’s a sweltering summer day as Envoy Kevin Knappins pulls up to a city park in Sandusky, Ohio. His van is full of food. The people in the park recognize

31 Jul 2020

COVID–19 and mental health

The onslaught of COVID–19 has forced everyone to shelter in place and to worry about the ever–present danger of life–threatening illness and mortality. The harsh reality of disrupted routines, important

27 Jul 2020

76ers with the assist

The National Basketball Association (NBA) season, shortened by COVID-19, resumes this Thursday. However, the employees of the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Camden, N.J., have been ready

20 Jul 2020

Nomads for Christ

Five years ago, born–again Christians Frank and Shelley Dostie sold their Connecticut home and all their worldly possessions and bought a 29–foot recreational vehicle (RV). They decided to roam the

17 Jul 2020

Beyond the mountains

photo by Jennifer Culverson Some years ago, I trekked my way through the first stage of the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. Historically, the trail marked chronologically and geographically

16 Jul 2020

Inmates donate to fight COVID-19

“About 8 months ago when I went to Benner Township Prison, I thought I would speak to just a few inmates,” said Captain Daniel Gonzalez, administrator for the Adult Rehabilitation

14 Jul 2020

Keeping their homes

Alicia worked full time at a York, Pa., candy store before COVID–19 hit. When management drastically cut her hours, it became a horrible time for her and her four children

10 Jul 2020

68 hours

Three out of every four students in Salem, Mass., receives a free or reduced school lunch. That’s fine when school is in session, but what about the weekend? What about

09 Jul 2020

At the Morning Disco!

Every Wednesday morning in July and August, the Salvation Army USA East Territorial Youth Department will invite children aged 6–12 and their parents to dance, laugh, sing, and learn about

05 Jul 2020

Betty ages gracefully

When Betty Hensley was just 12 years old, WWII was on the horizon and she was about to begin her own great adventure. Her father gave her a golden jackknife

04 Jul 2020

Grounded, but giving back

COVID–19 has been a crushing blow to the travel industry. For companies like California–based AMI Group, which distributes food to airlines and cruise ships, everything changed overnight with the COVID–19

03 Jul 2020

A ‘donut’ day to remember

Gratitude is typically what one feels in response to another person’s selfless act of kindness. Such acts can happen anytime and anyplace—even in the parking lot of a donut store.