26 Jul 2021

Rescued for a Reason

When LaTanya Carter ran away from her Hillside, N.J., home at age 13, she had no idea how rocky the road ahead would be. As a juvenile runaway, she was

27 May 2021

Led Home by Grace

As a young altar boy growing up in Camden, N.J., Brian Shields was introduced to alcohol by a Catholic priest. “We would drink the altar wine,” Brian recalls. “That’s what

25 May 2021

Saved to serve others

Thurston Johnson’s journey from drug dealer and homeless heroin addict to happily married homeowner isn’t necessarily unique—and that’s the whole point, he says. “My mission is to help people turn

24 May 2021

In the potter’s hand

What makes the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation (ARC) program so successful? If you ask Don Coombs, director of program development for the Salvation Army’s ARC Command that question, he says

23 Apr 2021

Ralph and Charlie: preachers on a mission

When Ralph Capoano and Charlie Kerr walk into a Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, (ARC), they use their credible voices to speak hope and understanding into the hearts and minds

16 Feb 2021

Captains Bayode and Noemi Agbaje: The Army and us

Captains Bayode and Noemi Agbaje are assistants to the administrators of program and business at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in Philadelphia, Pa. They share their collective thoughts

23 Oct 2020

Need a Costume?

Visit Your Local Salvation Army Family Store. Halloween is fast approaching, and you may find yourself in need of a scary or funny disguise to help celebrate the holiday. Your

01 Oct 2020

‘Doing something’ during COVID–19

“Jesus replied, ‘They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.’” —Matthew 14:16 “Do something” was the command of Salvation Army Founder William Booth when he

16 Jul 2020

Inmates donate to fight COVID-19

“About 8 months ago when I went to Benner Township Prison, I thought I would speak to just a few inmates,” said Captain Daniel Gonzalez, administrator for the Adult Rehabilitation

02 May 2020

Lyell’s House

The bright, well–maintained, two–story brick home near the corner of Madison Avenue and Linden Street in Bethlehem, Pa., could be mistaken for a typical family residence or even a college

07 Feb 2019

The Business of Change

Jervon Carswell (left) and Armel Jordan (right) walked into the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in Cleveland, Ohio, in need of help. Jervon had little more than the clothing