Survey: Officers & Soldiers in the USA Eastern Territory

The Salvation Army
Territorial Headquarters – USA East
Office of the Territorial Commander

Dear Friends,

For many years the Lord has continued to lay upon our hearts three priorities which we have felt are essential to fulfill the mission: People, Programs and Provisions. We believe the Lord provides us with valuable provisions to accomplish His work. He has given us a means of varying programs to reach the masses. And the Lord has blessed the Army with people to fulfill His work, while continuing to bring thousands of people our way each day.
In January 2017, the Territorial leadership team met to prayerfully consider the Lord’s leading for the USA Eastern Territory. We know that the Lord has an important path in front of us. We have chosen “20/20” as a vision theme for this journey. We are continuing to seek the Lord and His revelation of clarity and vision to advance our territory forward together. Together we must continuously seek God’s leading in this process.
Over the past four month our leadership team has been working together to build a Vision Plan. To support this process we are soliciting input from soldiers and officers from across the territory. Our heart’s desire is to develop a plan that supports and strengthens frontline ministry, its leaders and soldiers.

We are seeking your thoughts and suggestions.  Please take a few moments to review the 20/20 Vision as originally communicated.

Below is a link to a survey which will be used in the development of the vision plan for the territory.  Before you begin the survey, would you pray for the process, the individuals asked to participate in the survey and for the Lord’s leading in this entire journey? Your help is deeply appreciated as we seek to serve this territory.


Please only complete the survey once.

Please know that your responses are anonymous, so please be open and honest.

Thank you for taking the time to invest in your ministry and that of our territory!

In His service,

Bill & Lorraine

William & Lorraine Bamford
Territorial Leaders