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Sunrise Over Zambia

The Salvation Army’s ministry in Zambia, Central Africa

…has a rich history dating back to 1922. Today, the Army’s work at its Chikankata Mission hospital and Chikankata High School offers hope through practical care, education, and youth empowerment. This year, a media team* from the USA Eastern Territory traveled there and collected video footage and photographs to be used by The Salvation Army World Services Office (SAWSO) for the 2017 World Services Tool Kit. *Joe Pritchard, media director; Johnny Shyr, videographer; and Ryan Love, photographer

1. Families wait to receive medical care at Chikankata Mission hospital in Zambia, Central Africa.

2. Nearly 700 students receive an education at the Chikankata High School. Families sacrifice in order to pay the tuition. Many of these students will study at the Chikankata School of Nursing or Bio Medic College.

3. Salvationists, proud of their uniform, wear it daily, and are true witnesses to other people in their communities.

4. Families who are fortunate enough to live close to the Chikankata Mission hospital receive vaccinations and routine checkups for their children.

6. At this outpost, mothers weigh babies and monitor their growth and health. Women walk for miles to receive this and other information and spend most of the day with women from neighboring villages. Outposts throughout Central Zambia are the only way many families receive medical care and vaccinations for children. This one was about 10 miles from Chikankata Mission hospital.

7. Major Angela Hachitapika is the divisional leader and overseas many of the clinic outposts surrounding Chikankata. Her background and education in nursing provides much knowledge and support to the clinics and families.

8. In the village of John Laing, the Salvation Army corps serves many of the poorest children in the community.

9. The Livingstone Corps is thriving and vibrant. Sunday school is conducted outdoors in the shade of trees. Afterwards, corps members spend hours singing, praying, performing dramas, and hearing what God’s Word has to say.

10. At Chikankata High School, classes begin at sunrise and finish early to avoid the heat. After sunset, students gather in homework groups to study until late evening.

11. Children worship the Lord at the Livingstone Corps. This day, they celebrate having raised funds to support a local need in the community.

12. Women of the corps express gratitude to God for the generosity of a local soldier who had purchased new offering baskets.

13. This man has raised 13 foster children. He represents men in local communities who, among other things, address the ongoing need for child care.

14. Kids at Chikankata High School spend many evenings enjoying music, dance, song, and soccer.

15. Soldiers of the Livingstone Corps gather many times a week. On Sundays, they start early and stay most of the day, worshiping and praising God.

17. Women wear wraps printed with Salvation Army crests and flags as part of their uniform.

Blessing in the Classroom

Every time Misheal Mweemba walks into the Salvation Army’s Chikankata High School in Zambia, Africa, she finds blessings. Those blessings come through studying her favorite subjects of Greek and math, captivating an audience with her beautiful singing voice, or even discussing the word of God with a classmate.

“Even something as simple as a conversation with friends, an exchange of ideas and thoughts on God, is a blessing in its own way,” says Misheal.Zambia_5

Having been raised in a Salvationist home, Misheal has always been surrounded by the teachings of the Army. However, at Chikankata, not every student is a Salvationist.

“Something I have learned here is to be social and smile, even when I disagree or have different opinions. We appreciate that we are a union, and we share our knowledge with each other. Here, we get opportunities to grow as children of God and to grow as people too.”

Misheal remembers the person she was four years ago when she started coming to Chikankata. “I was a bit childish,” she says with a smile. “But through my teachers and my devotionals, I feel like I’ve grown so much as a person.”

The growth has also brought about an idea of how Misheal may want to serve the Lord someday. “I want to be a nurse. I have always loved to take care of people, at home and in school.”

“Everyone has been given an opportunity to serve. If someone who was born with nothing can do something in the name of the Lord, then what is stopping me?”

by Hugo Bravo

Guided by God

Whenever she can, Soldier Modesta Choomba makes it a point to visit the sick people of her community.

“I don’t wait for my corps officer to tell me to go. Sometimes I visit with others, but if there is no one to do it with me, I go on my own.”


Choomba says she does this because The Salvation Army showed the same kindness to her when she needed it the most.

“I was diagnosed with the HIV virus. For many years, I was sick. I asked God, why is this happening to me? I had two children, and I wanted to have more.”

“When I was most ill, members of the local Salvation Army corps came to visit me. When I went to live with my mother, they continued to visit me. Even though I was much farther, and they had no means of transportation, they still walked to visit me.”

“They encouraged me to get better, most especially the women. And I realized that it was God who was giving me more days to live.”

Choomba says she became a soldier to bring souls to the church, as members of The Salvation Army had done for her. “Every day, I see people in our community who have lost their way, as I had. They don’t know God is still with them, as I didn’t know when I became sick.

“Through prayer, and The Salvation Army, I realized my Lord is always with me.”

Choomba adopted three children whose parents had died. Years after she thought she would not be able to be a mother again, God blessed her.

“Every morning, I pray with my family. I tell my children that without the Lord, nothing is possible,” says Choomba. “Look unto God. When you do, He will guide you, and He will help you look to the future.”

by Hugo Bravo