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What is a Sunbeam?

The Salvation Army Sunbeam program is a holistic Christian Education experience for girls in grades 1-5.


  • Be at least in the first grade
  • Attend four consecutive troop meetings
  • Recite the Sunbeam Pledge and Declaration



I promise, that I will try, 
to love God, 
to be obedient, 
to be loving and kind to all, 
and be true to the Sunbeam Declaration.
I understand, that as a Sunbeam 
I should, pray morning and evening, 
speak the truth, 
be kind to animals, 
never steal, swear, gamble, 
touch harmful drugs or strong drinks.

What are the goals of the program?

The goal of the Sunbeam program is to help girls to develop:

  • Positive social and communication habits
  • Decision making and life skills
  • Character and leadership

Through a Biblical worldview by encouraging:

  • A sense of personal identity and character
  • Christian values and Biblical principles
  • Physical, mental, spiritual, and social development in a safe environment for learning, developing, and caring that is age appropriate and Christ-centered


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