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What is a Sunbeam?

The Salvation Army Sunbeam program is a holistic Christian Education experience for girls in grades 1-5.

What are the goals of the program?

The goal of the Sunbeam program is to help girls to develop:

  • Positive social and communication habits
  • Decision making and life skills
  • Character and leadership

Through a Biblical worldview by encouraging:

  • A sense of personal identity and character
  • Christian values and Biblical principles
  • Physical, mental, spiritual, and social development in a safe environment for learning, developing, and caring that is age appropriate and Christ-centered

I promise, that I will try, 
to love God, 
to be obedient, 
to be loving and kind to all, 
and be true to the Sunbeam Declaration.

I understand that, as a Sunbeam, 
I should pray morning and evening, 
speak the truth, 
be kind to animals, 
never steal, swear, gamble, 
touch harmful drugs or strong drinks.


  • Be at least in the first grade
  • Attend four consecutive troop meetings
  • Recite the Sunbeam Pledge and Declaration


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