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Stewardship Update—Spring/Summer 2020

Stewardship—understanding that everything at our disposal is held in trust and that we have a responsibility to honor the values and aims of Christ’s kingdom.*

A steward is a servant who cares for all aspects of their master’s household and makes decisions on their behalf that are intended to honor their master’s will. Not only is stewardship the mode in which soldiers and officers should make decisions at the organizational and individual level, but many Christians include acts of worship such as personal and congregational giving and volunteering in their broader conception of stewardship.

Developing a stewardship mindset prompts questions like How are soldiers involved in sharing the burdens of leadership and mission? How do soldiers contribute to discernment and decision-making processes? In what ways does the Corps Council help to steward the corps? What are the trends regarding corps members sharing their time, talents, and treasures?

The Stewardship Bureau of the USA Eastern Territory is happy to share a set of resources intended to help promote stewardship in your corps for the sake of the Kingdom of God. The theme of these stewardship materials was inspired by Acts 20:35.

In every way I showed you that by working hard like this we can help those who are weak. We must remember what the Lord Jesus said, “We are more happy when we give than when we receive.”

We hope you will find these materials useful as you engage in the mission of spreading the gospel locally and during these ever-changing times. At the link below, you will find visual, devotional, and teaching materials—a poster, flyer, and Challenge and Celebration activities. Please use these as appropriate with your corps/center community.

The package is available in both English and Spanish at the link below:

Click here to access the Stewardship materials in English and Spanish.

The next set of materials (for September-December 2020) will be posted and shared in August.

* For this and other helpful definitions of ministry topics, visit https://www.dev.saconnects.org/ministry-topics-at-a-glance/.