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Star Search 2019 | Dance Information

Can you believe that it’s already time to start considering Star Search? Ready or not Star Search 2019 is coming! Below you will find the dance solo and group information as well as some helpful tips for each level. Happy dancing!

Dance Solo Level 1

Song: Don’t Lose Heart by JJ Heller
Album: Don’t Lose Heart – Single, 3:36 mins
Style: Female vocalist, friendly happy feeling
Rationale: This song has a light-hearted feeling with lyrics focused on encouraging one to not lose heart.

Dance Solo Level 2

Song: Look Up Child by Laura Daigle
Album: Look Up Child, track #8, 3:03mins
Style: Lyrical with funk
Rationale: This song has many layers to it so that dancers that are lyrically inclined or more hip-hop inclined can both find aspects of this song to work with.

Dance Solo Level 3 & 4, Troupe A & B

Song: Choose your own music. Appropriate length is between 2:00-4:00minutes.
Style: Your choice!
Rationale: Dancers in level 3 are old enough to know what style of movement best suits their body and ability. Choose a piece of music that best displays what you do well that has a positive or Christian message.


Star Search 2019
Dance Requirements

1. Group dances and Solo Levels 3 & 4 should choose music that is meaningful to the group/person and has a positive or Christian message.
2. All dances should be no less than two minutes (2:00), and no more than four minutes (4:00).
3. Solo Levels 1-2 should perform to the music provided below.
4. All song selections and dances should be approved by your corps officer.
5. All choreography must be original.

For all guidelines and information regarding Star Search 2019 visit

Embrace the freedom
and get creative

1. Utilize ANY style of music or dance.
2. Play to your dancer(s) strengths.
3. Utilize the unique culture of your corps participant(s).
4. Any language is welcomed (Please provide lyrics in English for the adjudicators).
5. Choreodramas are allowed. (A story told through movement).
6. Lyrics are not required.

Find new music

Below is a list of artists to help you start your search for music. Look for songs that are an appropriate length. Look for music that makes you want to dance when you hear it. You are not limited to the artists listed below, the sky is the limit!
1. Laura Daigle
2. Misty Edwards
3. Cory Asbury
4. Hillsong
5. Kari Jobe
6. MercyMe
7. Olafur Arnalds (Instrumental)
8. Goldmund (Instrumental)
9. Alisa Turner
10. Leeland
11. Jonathan David & Melissa Helser
12. Phil Wickham
13. for KING & COUNTRY
14. Israel Houghton
15. Tori Kelly
16. Jesus Culture


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