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Star Lake Camp
268 Macopin Rd.
Bloomingdale, New Jersey 07403

Major Tracks

Brass & Pecussion: Brass and Percussion majors will be auditioned and placed in one of four bands. Concentration will be given to the development of individual and ensemble skills. Opportunities will include daily band rehearsals, instrumental drill classes, and public performances. All brass majors are required to bring their own instruments unless arrangements are made before the start of camp.
Vocal: Vocal majors will concentrate in the developmentof vocal skills, learning exercises and techniques to increase their abilities, as well as methods for strengthening and caring for their voices. They will take part in both individual and group rehersals and performances. They are required to bring a vocal solo to camp.
Timbrels: Timbrel majors will study traditional and non-traditional styles. Movement, mime, and dance will be combined with the more traditional drill techniques to create an interpretive and expressive response to music. There will be instruction in how to create, develop, and present a timbrel drill.
Inter./Advanced Piano: Six intermidiate-level and six advanced level piano students will be accepted as piano majors upon recomendation/approval of their DMD. Intermediate level pianists are required to have had 1-2 years private piano lessons. Advanced pianists are required to have had at least 3 years of lessons.


Advanced Composition
Audio Engineering
Beginner Piano Elective –
no piano playing experience needed
Bible Study
Classical & Contemporary Brass Ensemble
Contemporary Vocal
Ear Training
Gospel Choir
 Instrumental Solo Preparation
Percussion Ensemble Elective
Sacred Dance
SLMC Newspaper
Video Production


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