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Spreading God’s Message in Cuba

Marcos Lopez is a soldier of the San Juan Corps and a member of the Puerto Rican Youth Band that visited Cuba in 2015.

SpreadingGodsmessageinCubaVisiting Cuba as a member of the Salvation Army’s Puerto Rican Youth Band was an amazing opportunity. Because of what was the prevailing political climate between the United States and Cuba, traveling directly there was prohibited for U.S. citizens. So it’s amazing that a large group of Christians were able to go to Cuba and share their love and talents, now that international law has changed.

Cuban culture is quite similar to Puerto Rican culture. The people in Cuba were kind and open. And the Salvationists there were enthusiastic about their mission. What made their enthusiasm all the more astounding was how they ministered in a country that has suffered under a 50–year–old embargo. In the capital city, I saw all around me infrastructures in desperate need of rebuilding. Technologies seem stuck in the past.

During prayer, I saw much love and devotion expressed toward God. I admire that. Every day now, I strive to see God in my own life, as I believe the Cuban people see Him in their lives.

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