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Spiritual Rhythms Spotlight: Capt. Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is a busy corps officer, husband, father and passionate about reading God’s Word and putting feet to what he has learned through service to others. It’s a balancing act, but intentionality is the key.



My name is Alex Rodriguez. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I’m the middle child of three. I met the Lord and The Salvation Army at the age of 16 in Puerto Rico while working at the YMCA that later became the Salvation Army Mayaguez Corps. I have a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education Recreation Management. I’m married to Diana Rodriguez, and we have two boys. I enjoy reading, walking, inline skating, and playing Ping-Pong. I’m a New York Yankees baseball fan and a New York Buffalo Bills football fan.  I have been an officer for eleven (11) years now. I’m currently appointed at Cleveland Temple Corps as the Corps Officer along with my wife.



My spiritual disciplines are Studying the word of God and Service.

By studying the word of God, I can face life challenges better knowing the promises of God.

Studying the word of God- I found out that when I study the word of God, I feel closer to him because I can know him and understand Him better. Studying the word of God helps me meditate more on him and stay connected to him. By studying the word of God, I can face life challenges better knowing the promises of God.

Service- One of the things that brought me to the Salvation Army was its service to others. I believe that service is a critical disciple to show God to others. When I serve, I feel closer to God. When I serve, I feel that I’m loving my neighbor. When I serve, I feel that I’m doing God’s will. When I serve, I feel I’m living what I study.



Studying- When I was in college, I developed a big interest in knowing God’s word more deeply. I started reading the Bible book by book, reading other books and bible commentaries, attending Bible study, and asking my corps officer and spiritual mentor questions.

Service- when I started my walk with God and found that service brought me closer to God. I started serving in many ways. I started helping my corps officer by cleaning, painting, fixing the building, doing pickups for corps services, volunteering to do kettles, and helping with the food pantry. I also started helping other corps members cut their lawn and be part of the corps community care ministry.



Study- I start my day with a devotional reading. I read my bible a portion every day. I like to read a variety of books and commentaries of the bible.  When preparing to teach and preach, I try to study the material as best that I can. I listen to the audio bible when driving, listen to other preachers and bible teachers, and ask my mentors questions.

Service– Since the pandemic started, the type of service that I have been practicing every week is to deliver food to our most vulnerable clients and congregants at their homes. Something that I enjoyed is helping our neighbors every time they need help with snow shoveling and landscaping.



My personal benefit with service is staying humble

Study- I’m learning more and more about God. The more I learn, the closer I feel to God. It has helped me understand life better and live a better life. It has made me a better person, father, husband, son, and officer.

Service- My personal benefit with service is staying humble and always looking and loving others before myself.


Any resources or anything else that you find helpful:

  • Books (include the book title and author)
    1. Bible
    2. Jesus Calling Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young (Devotional)
    3. Wesleyan Holiness Theology by J. Kenneth Grider
    4. Systematic Theology by ODEN
    5. The Complete Book of Discipleship by Bill Hull
    6. Hand Me another brick by Charles Swindoll
    7. Explorando Nuestra Fe Cristiana by Purkiser (Spanish)
    8. Dios, Hombre y Salvación by Purkiser & Tylor (Spanish)
  • Podcasts
  • Websites
    1. Logos Bible software
    2. Bible Gateway
    3. Wesley Center Online
    4. SAConnects
  • Apps
    1. Audio Bible
    2. Bible
    3. Our Daily bread
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