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Spiritual Rhythms for the Life You Have – Part 2

What does your prayer life look like?

 What does your prayer life look like?  You may be concerned that you are not “doing” your prayer time correctly.  Am I praying long enough?  What percentage of time should be spent in interceding? Supplication?  Adoration? Petition?  Is God angry if I miss my time with him?  These are questions that may cross your mind, but they are the wrong questions.  God is not concerned with a workable plan that will enable you to meet some preconceived idea of what our prayer life should look like.  There is not a “one-size-fits-all” way of connecting with the Almighty.

All this being said, we have a responsibility to listen to the urging of the Holy Spirit when it comes to time, place, intention, and quality when we connect with God.  There is a sacrifice to our spiritual formation… that’s why they call them disciplines. God did not create communion with him so that you constantly feel guilty.

Capturing Moments

Susannah Wesley (1669-1742) was an amazing woman of God who was a master at capturing moments to connect with her Lord even in the midst of a very demanding life.  Susannah was the wife of a cleric for the Church of England who often traveled for ministry and the mother of 19 children.  On occasions, Susannah felt she needed a private moment to connect with God, and she would place her apron over her head. Her children knew Mom was communing with God.  She was intentional, she was quick, and it met the need of the moment.  Surely the Lord was pleased with the intention of her heart.  Would Susannah have preferred to steal away on quiet retreat with her Lord?  Absolutely! But she had to take the life she was living in and incorporate her time with God that made sense and met her heart’s need at that stage in her life.

Daily Infusion

If we look at prayer as basic and essential as breathing, it may help us to uncomplicate this discipline and bring a freshness to our life in Christ.

The discipline of “Breath Prayer” was created centuries ago and still meets the need of Christ-followers who practice it.  This form of prayer comprises two basic parts: a name for the Lord that brings meaning and comfort to you and the statement of the desire of your heart.  This prayer is to be short and simple….as simple as breathing in and breathing out.

There are many names given to God such as Lord, Heavenly Father, Almighty, Loving Lord,

Good Shepherd…the list goes on and on.  Maybe there is a name for God that really resonates with your heart.  When you breathe it, it brings reassurance to your heart.  Use that as part of your breath prayer.

Next, think about the deep desire of your heart.  Do you want to hear from him?  Tell him, “I am listening.”  Possibly you are in need of experiencing his presence.  Utter the words “fill me.” In a simple phrase, tell him your longing.

Throughout the day, call on his name…the name that has deep meaning for you, and share with him the yearning of your heart.  Utter this simple phrase often. It’s as simple as breathing in and breathing out.

This is an aspect of prayer that can be incorporated into the life you have!


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