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Spiritual Life Development

Since its inception, the Salvation Army’s duel mission of saving souls and serving suffering humanity has been undergirded by the spiritual lives of soldiers and officers serving in its ranks.

The International Spiritual Life Commission (ISLC), convened by General Paul A. Rader (R) in 1996, called Salvationists worldwide to recognize that any outward movement of love for the world requires an inward movement from each Christian towards God. The vitality of our spiritual life as a movement will be seen and tested in our turning to the world in evangelism and service, but the springs of our spiritual life are to be found in our turning to God in worship, in the disciplines of life in the Spirit, and in the study of God’s word.

One of the aims of the USA Eastern Territory’s 20/20 Vision is to “Focus on Spiritual Life Development (SLD) and discipleship for all people.”

Accordingly, one will find indications of spiritual formation all across the territory such as:

  • Camp staff discipleship programs that engage them in spiritual disciplines
  • Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC) holiness retreats
  • Corps prayer meetings and community prayer walks
  • Designated spiritual formation days for officers
  • Soul Care retreats for soldiers
  • Word & Worship retreats
  • Intentional focus on deeper discipleship in ongoing programs
  • Reflective retreats for officers
  • Cultivate Territorial Spiritual Formation courses for soldiers and officers
  • Territorial Holiness Institute for Soldiers
  • Territorial Holiness Symposium for Officers

As we grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, we will be successful in transforming communities in the power of Jesus Christ, one life at a time.

Lt. Colonel Patricia LaBossiere
Territorial Secretary for Spiritual Life Development

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