Colonels Janet & Rick Munn

Colonels Richard & Janet Munn

Colonel Janet Munn 

Colonel Janet Munn is the Principal of the College for Officer Training (CFOT) in Suffern, New York. An officer for 28 years, she has served globally in leadership and in urban and suburban corps.

Colonel Munn desires to equip a generation of leaders who are devoted to Jesus Christ, to prayer, to holiness, and to reaching the world.

Colonel Munn has given many summers to camping ministry for underprivileged youth. Globally, she calls people to 24/7 prayer, to corporate prayer and fasting, and to accountability and discipleship in community through small groups.

Janet is the daughter of a Nazarene pastor and a disciple–making mother; the wife of Colonel Richard Munn, and the mother of two young adults, Nealson and Olivia (now a lieutenant). Colonel Janet Munn has recently completed her Doctor of Ministry degree from Ashland Theological Seminary.

Colonel Richard J. Munn 

Colonel Richard Munn is a 4th-generation Salvationist. Born in London, England, he spent his childhood in the Congo where his parents were missionaries.

He graduated from St. Luke’s College, Exeter, with a Bachelor Degree in education. As a student, he worked at the Army’s Camp Wonderland in Sharon, Mass., serving under–privileged children. In the process, God effected in him a new birth in Christ and a vision for ministry. He also met Janet. They married in 1980.

Richard Munn graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary with a Masters in Divinity degree in 1985. Two years later, he was commissioned as an officer.

Following corps work in Camden, N.J. and youth ministry in Mass., the Munns served as corps officers in Manchester, Conn., divisional leaders in Northern New England, and as Secretary for Program (Richard) and as the Ambassador for Prayer and Spiritual Formation (Janet). Richard also served as the Executive Officer for the New York Staff Band.

In July 2008, Richard and Janet became Principal and Associate Principal for the International College for Officers (ICO) and Centre for Spiritual Life Development in Sydenham, London, England. In May 2004, he received a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Gordon–Conwell Theological Seminary.

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