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Sons of SWONEKY gather.

“SWONEKY” is an acronym, which stands for the Southwest Ohio & Northeast Kentucky division of the Eastern Territory for those not familiar with Salvation Army lingo.  3e420451-1a92-431b-8f18-6c19c5693aa5_ArmyTerritoryMapAlso, The Salvation Army in the US is split into four Territories, East & West, South & Central.

Below is a report from the sons of SWONEKY as they gathered together for their Annual Bowling Tournament.  Jesus was praised up and men were raised up, special thanks to Major K.Stewart Dalrymple for this note:

Saturday, March 4th was a snowy day in SWONEKY as almost 80 men representing 12 corps gathered in Dayton for our annual Bowling Tournament.  A great time was had by all as we enjoyed fellowship, food and the fun of knocking down pins.

After a reminder of God’s love for us brought by Major Jeff Stacy, awards were given as follows:

  Division 1 Division 2   Division 3
1st Place Middletown Cincinnati Center Hill   Dayton Kroc
2nd Place Lexington Cincinnati Center Hill   Covington
3rd Place Dayton Kroc Van Wert   Lexington

Top Bowler award was given to Neil McClelland from Middletown who had a pin total of 597 for 3 three games, including a tournament high single game of 243.

The 2nd Annual Worst Officer Bowler award was given to Lt. Joshua Brookman from Van Wert, who averaged a not-so-shabby 85 through 3 games, but still qualified for this prestigious award.  He is currently displaying it in a prominent position in his office at the corps.

Thanks to the LORD for His watchful eye that was upon all as they traveled.

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