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Does Your Corps Have a Social Media Sergeant?

Evangelism, congregational life, and social outreach are enduring dimensions of Army mission, but the present crisis challenges us to serve in new ways. Many corps are finding their online presence more critical than ever. Whatever the demands, local officers (LO) have always been integral to corps ministry. We have Corps Sergeant Majors, Bandmasters, Home League Secretaries, Young People’s Sergeant Majors, Corps Treasurers, and so forth. But, when a corps has a special ministry need, the corps officer is encouraged to ask their divisional commander to give a new commission to a capable soldier.

The Orders and Regulations (O&R) for Corps Officers (Chapter 12—Local Officers) and the O&R for Local Officers (Chapter 4—Special Service Brigades and Chapter 5—Specific Classes of LO) indicate that, according to specific circumstances, corps officers may recommend soldiers to serve in unique positions. The perfect time to consider a Social Media Sergeant is when the corps’ online presence is recognized as a key missional asset.

Could a Salvationist in your corps take on such a role? Now, more than ever, we recognize the significance of this ministry. Social Media, despite its drawbacks, can be used for evangelism, discipleship, worship, social service, sharing information, and other ministry needs. A soldier with the skill and wisdom to negotiate these technologies could be a key partner in ministry—now and in the future.

The moratorium on gatherings is temporary but developing corps leadership for the sake of mission is permanent. Identifying, enlisting, training, empowering, commissioning, and utilizing soldiers and local officers continue to be mission-critical activities for congregational life.

The Social Media Sergeant is just one suggestion for a local officer commission—to prompt strategic creativity. At this link, you will find a draft description that you can customize. We have been preparing a brand-new resource packet for developing local leaders and it will soon be sent to every corps in the USA East (English and Spanish). It has more than one hundred local leadership position descriptions along with a guide for enrolling LOs and a streamlined application form.

Local officers often form the backbone of healthy corps, and LO commissions are one way the Army affirms, recognizes, and endorses the value and dedication of our soldiers. To consult about developing local leaders in your corps, email