Recently, we’ve all heard about the importance of social distancing.” While this may be necessary in the short term, social distancing is not how God intended us to live. The loss of various forms of community, fellowship, worship, work relationships, small groups, and other kinds of social interactions as a result of our COVID-19 precautions can result in loneliness and anxiety. 

During this unprecedented time, many who have been quarantinedare working from home, or are otherwise shut-in are finding it crucial to keep in touch with colleagues, friends, and family, and technology can be an important ally in this regardBut what about staying connected to God? Can technology help with that too? For some of us, spending more time at home gives us a chance to catch up on chores or even some of our favorite TV shows. But did you know cable, Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+ aren’t your only options? 

RightNow Media is essentially the “Netflix of Video Bible Studies” and is provided free-of-charge to every Salvationist in the Eastern Territory. Through this site, you have instant access to thousands of outstanding videos covering a range of topics to challenge and encourage you. Everyone in your corps or family can Search, Select, and Stream studies in their living roomsor on their mobile devices.  

During this period of increased isolation, RightNow Media can help: 

  • Enrich personal study and devotional time 
  • Provide small groups and Bible studies with quality materials 
  • Provide encouraging leadership development training  
  • Provide alternative entertainment options for Kids 

Here’s the best part: it’s FREE! IF you already have a RightNow Media account, click HERE to sign in. Or, click HERE to sign up for your free account and begin exploring all that RightNow Media has to offer. 

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