Show Your Shield is a Territory-wide, one-day event, which, as the name suggests, is a day when everyone who is associated with the The Salvation Army Eastern Territory is invited to “Show Your Shield” either by wearing the iconic red shield, or the Soldier’s uniform in public, creating opportunities to share about your connection to The Salvation Army, and what being a part of the Army means to YOU.


  • Provide an opportunity for reflection and conveying the meaning and value of soldiership, membership, and other kinds of affiliation with The Salvation Army, which can help form missional identity and focus.
  • Build naturally on the General’s Mobilizing initiative.
  • Push for the People-oriented goals of the Territorial Commander’s 20/20 Vision
  • Cultivate a robust sense of identity and belonging in the Army.
  • Provide opportunities for Soldiers, Adherents, and partners to articulate to others, and thus themselves, the value, meaning, and importance of Soldiership, membership, partnership, affiliation.
  • Cultivate broad personal ownership of, and investment in, the Army’s mission.
  • Gain a sense for the potential ministry value and identity-formation value of the uniform and the shield.
  • Provide opportunity to The Salvation Army’s affiliates to share the work of the Army with a broader audience.


Literally anywhere and everywhere. At work, the marketplace, in school, at the gym, at your yoga class. etc. Anywhere you visit on a normal day presents an opportunity to share about the value of service, and your experience with the Army.


Anyone who has a positive association with the Army: every Officer, Soldier, Jr. Soldier, Adherent, Volunteer, Board Member, Kettle Worker, etc.


Wednesday May 15, 2019. This falls right in the middle of National Salvation Army week.


More details on the many ways to participate coming soon!

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