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Sarah George

Arts In Action | Testimony Series | Sarah George

For all of my life, I have watched people in the Salvation Army find their “place”. Whether it was preaching, or singing, or playing a brass instrument, it was cool to see other people figuring out their unique talents God had given them. For a while, I felt like I had not quite gotten to that point yet. I often felt like I didn’t really know how to talk to God either. I was unsure of what talents I had that helped me truly communicate with God and worship Him in my own way. A friend of mine encouraged me to get involved in some programs to see what I would enjoy. I remembered that I loved taking dance classes as a kid, so I started taking one-on-one dance classes at my corps. I soon realized that my love for dancing, acting, and performing was my personal one-on-one time with God. I had never felt his presence as strongly as when I was up on stage, with each dance move, or with each line delivered.

I prayed about this love for the arts and felt God telling me to push myself even further. Of course it came with the self-consciousness and anxieties of not being “good enough”, but God is way bigger than those thoughts and fears! Filled with fear, but also trusting God, I soon began teaching dance classes at my corps, was involved in a territorial musical, became part of CAST for several years, and this past summer was the stage manager for CAST. I even got to teach a dance class in Spanish! (That was probably the scariest one of all!) God had bigger plans for me in the arts than I could have ever imagined. To this day, when I am stressed or don’t know what to do, I go back to where I started, kick off my shoes and start dancing because I know the Lord will bring clarity the more I spend time with him.

I am forever grateful for the Salvation Army arts programs. For the people that encouraged me to participate and never gave up on me even when I felt inadequate. For the talents that the Lord blessed me with that I overlooked for so long. Without the arts programs, I don’t know when I would have found this gift and calling that God has given me. For anybody out there thinking “I can’t do that” or “That’s not for me”, I encourage you to give it a shot. God’s plans are far greater than yours, and you never know what he has in store for you!

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