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“Integrated Mission,” is one of the four Strikepoints continued by Commissioner William A. Bamford, territorial commander.*

Salvationists at various corps have committed themselves to being visibly present in their respective communities. Through a visitation initiative called the Support and Learning Team (SALT), they’re attempting to love their neighbors as themselves and to explore the different dimensions of caring, community, and change (see “Integrated Mission: A Gateway to Solutions”).

Get ready to meet people who are modeling this ministry. Salvationists who boldly walk crime–ridden streets, who lovingly visit homes ravaged by the heroin epidemic, and who courageously conduct life–changing conversations, will tell their stories here. They are individuals, families, community leaders, law enforcement officers, health care professionals, policymakers, and researchers—all working to prevent substance misuse, reduce its consequences, and help win souls for Christ.

*See “Vision: 2017” SAConnects, Nov. 2016 and

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