SAConnects magazine has won six Evangelical Press Association (EPA) awards for the 2020 publishing year. EPA is a professional organization of Christian print and digital publications and the world’s largest professional organization for the evangelical periodical publishing industry. Each award is based on excellence in its category.

SAConnects has won 21 EPA awards since the magazine began six years ago. It ranks among the top five denominational magazines in the U.S., which includes a field of 31 magazines.

Award of Merit — Denominational Publication

Editorial Staff: Warren L. Maye, Robert Mitchell, Hugo Bravo, Reginald Raines, Lea L. Greene, Ryan Love

“Overall, the creative content and graphic presentation of these consecutive issues represents the quality of writing and variety of content, which is present throughout the issues. — Warren L. Maye, editor in chief

This was judged based on the following criteria: A print publication serving as the official voice of a denomination.

Judges comment: “Thank you, SAConnects, for your consistent dedication to excellence in journalism!”

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First Place Winner — Personality Article – Compassion on Stage

Author: Warren L. Maye

“This story illustrates how a young stage actor gave back to The Salvation Army by contributing her personal experience to the development of the successful Broadway production, “Come From Away.” – Warren L. Maye, editor in chief

This was judged based on the following criteria: An original biographical account, either historical or contemporary.
Content/Human Interest | Timeliness | Credibility | Writing Style | Originality of treatment

Judges comment: “This makes Salvationists proud, without gloating. For anyone wondering if actors and actresses are just cardboard cutouts, this piece pulls back the curtain on a genuine young Christian in the oft–reviled industry.”

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Second Place Winner — Cover

Author: Lea L. Greene, Joe Marino, Reginald Raines

A conceptual depiction of this magazine’s focus on gender issues makes use of familiar symbols and captures the attention of onlookers. – Warren L. Maye, editor in chief

This was judged based on the following criteria: Skill of execution | Creativity | Aesthetic appeal | Typography (including logo) | Communicative power

Judges comment: “Very creative. The design that communicates the subject of this issue in an unusual and understandable way. Kudos for a well thought out cover.”

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Second Place Winner — General Article – Lyell’s House

Author: Hugo Bravo, Warren L. Maye

The men who live in the Lyell Rader Memorial Lodge work on their recovery, while at the same time they learn how to re-enter society. At the lodge, they share chores, responsibilities, and learn about God’s love. – Hugo Bravo

This was judged based on the following criteria: Any original nonfiction article.
Idea | Sincerity and Believability | Writing Style | Take away value for reader | Dramatic Quality

Judges comment: “This is low key, but quite powerful.”

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Third Place Winner — Critical Review – What’s the Digital: The Chosen

Author: Warren L. Maye

“Breakthroughs in today’s communication technology are giving Christian film and TV producers options to reach people with the gospel of Christ. This story is about a successful ministry that has made such inroads into the entertainment world.” – Warren L. Maye, editor in chief

This was judged based on the following criteria: An original review of book(s), video and movies, drama, music and concerts, or other media.
Informs about the subject | Critical perceptivity | Validity of reviewer criteria | Writing Style | Reviewer’s subjective response

Judges comment: “A fun read on a worthy topic. The reviewer’s work helps the audience get a sense of the quality of “The Chosen.” The review makes audiences eager to engage the series.”

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Fifth Place Winner — Feature Article – Chosen Vessels

Author: Retta Blaney, Warren L. Maye, Lea Greene, Reginald Raines

“This article puts several faces on the struggle against cancer. These courageous people shared their stories in order to bring hope to others who face similar challenges. One of the subjects, Faith Miller, inspired many readers with her story. She passed away a few months after the publication of this issue and today leaves a rich legacy. – Warren L. Maye, editor in chief

This was judged based on the following criteria: The entire multi-page presentation of a single feature article, including editorial content, related sidebars, title, use of imagery, and overall design.
Organization and layout | Writing | Use of imagery | Thoroughness of coverage | Title

Judges comment: “Very readable and well done. This piece shows an expert blend of narrative and dialogue. The separate stories are woven together nicely.”

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