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Rising Stars

RisingStars_smWhen you think of Lebron James and Julius Erving, aka “Doctor J,” do you immediately think of The Salvation Army? Well, you should!

“Doctor J” and “King James” spent many of their early years shooting hoops in Salvation Army gyms. And today, such sports programs are on the rise, partly because of the national focus on obesity and its related diseases, and a global focus on health, longevity, productivity, and wellness.

In the East Northport, Long Island, N.Y., Corps, there are potential basketball greats and kids who will become great in any field they choose. Ralph Rossetti, a senior soldier and the recreational director, has been busy teaching them the virtues of discipline, persistence, humility, suffering, concentration, hard work and selflessness through their participation on sports teams. Rossetti influences them for Christ through his personal testimony. As a former college basketball player and elementary school teacher, he knows the struggle his kids endure.

by Major Richard Sanchez

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