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RightNow Media COVID-19 Channel

To help your family, your small group, and your congregation connect and thrive during the COVID-19 lock-down and to support corps in transition, we have created a new channel on RightNow Media. The COVID-19 Relevant Resources channel specifically addresses coronavirus concerns, issues pertaining to lock-down, and related circumstances. Topics include grief and anxiety, homeschooling advice, spiritual and devotional studies, neighborhood mission, finance, and more.

To see the channel, simply log into your existing RightNow Media account HERE. If you do not already have a RightNow Media account, click HERE to sign up for free.

RightNow Media is the “Netflix of Video Bible Studies.” Through this site, you have instant access to thousands of outstanding videos covering a range of topics to challenge and encourage you. Everyone in your corps can Search, Select, Stream and watch studies in their living rooms, at the corps hall, or on their mobile device. The RightNow Media site includes:

  • a huge Bible study library with video content on books of the Bible or topics of interest, in English and Spanish
  • numerous training materials for service and leadership in the church
  • a “just for kids” section with great video entertainment
  • many custom training titles from The Salvation Army and other publishers intended to grow local leaders
  • and several premiere online events (live and recorded) with videos from major conferences.

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